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VOLARE program

The program

Volare, the new ITA Airways loyalty program tailor made for you, is born.                     

For each euro spent in purchasing your flights you will earn points that will be credited to you by 28 February 2022 to obtain advantages and benefits starting from 1 March 2022.

In addition, based on the points earned, you will be able to access one of our four Volare exclusive clubs: Executive, Premium, Plus and Smart which, starting from 28 February 2022, will give you the right to exclusive benefits and services. 

The Volare program will enter its phase 2 by next 28 February. From that moment, you will be able to view the detail of the points you earned in your personal area.

For the Members of the Volare program: the history of the flights will be available soon.

Don’t wait! Join our Volare program now. 

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