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Volare Code: indicates the personal numeric code provided to the Member. 

Program: indicates the prize operation aimed at retaining the Promoter's customers. 

Award: indicates the airline ticket, discounts on the purchase of airline tickets or other awards obtainable using the points accumulated in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Regulations, including dedicated on-board services both on-air and on-ground (including, without limitation, services lounge and upgrade of class).                           

Promoter or ITA: indicates ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO S.p.A., as identified in the following article 2. 

Points: indicates the unit of measurement of the program. 

Regulations: indicates the set of rules and regulations contained in this document (as amended from time to time), on the site and/or in any communications relating to the program that govern the functioning of the same program. 

Member: indicates the natural person participating in the program by virtue of his adhesion and acceptance of the Regulations. 



ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO S.p.A. (in abbreviated form, ITA S.p.A.), with registered office in Via XX Settembre 97 - 00187, Rome, VAT number, tax code and registration number to the Business Register 15907661001. 



From 15 October 2021 to 15 October 2024, unless extended. 

In any case, the total duration of the operation, including any extensions, will be less than five years.                            



The recipients of the program are all natural persons who will purchase the goods and services promoted by the program on the basis of the conditions of these Regulations.                            



Registration for the program is always free. 

To join the program it is necessary to register through the website or the "ITA" application, downloadable from the following app stores: Apple Store and Play Store, or through other channels communicated from time to time by ITA. 

All natural persons who, starting from 15 October 2021, have reached the age of 16 and whose transport by air is paid for with ITA can participate in the program. It is understood that, in the event that the national legislation applicable to a minor Member provides for the need to obtain authorizations or consents from the holder of parental responsibility, enrollment in the program by the minor of age is subject to the previous valid obtaining of such authorizations or consents, of which the holder of parental responsibility must be able to provide documentary attestation to ITA at any time, and is subject to the responsibility of the holder of parental responsibility.                            

Upon enrollment in the program, the Member will be asked to generate credentials (email, password) and to provide the data (name, surname and date of birth) necessary to enter his/her personal area. The personal data that will be provided by Members upon enrollment in the program must be correct and truthful in every aspect. Each individual will be associated with a single profile for the purposes of participating in the program and, as a result, each Member may have only one points portfolio. 

The program is divided into two phases (Phase I from 15 October 2021 until 28 February 2022; Phase II from 1 March 2022 until the end date of the program), as better described below 

Each Member can withdraw from the program at any time and without incurring any cost, using the appropriate section of the site or via the "ITA" app. Deleting the profile will take effect immediately and unused points will be lost. 

ITA reserves the right to carry out the appropriate checks on compliance with these Regulations and to deny participation and/or exclude Members from the program and/or cancel any points and/or Awards requested, to subjects who do not meet the requirements set out in the Regulations or in the case of participations made , according to the unquestionable judgment of ITA or of third parties appointed by the same, not respecting the conditions provided for by the Regulation or with means, methods and/or tools that, at its sole discretion, are considered suspicious, fraudulent or in violation of the normal course of the initiative.



Members who join the Program by 15 November 2021 will be entitled to a welcome bonus of 10,000 Points ("Welcome Bonus") to be used within the Program once the usage features are active (Phase II). In particular, the welcome bonus will be credited to the Member's Points balance by 28 February 2022 provided that the Member has purchased a return flight or two one-way flights to be made by 31 December 2021.

These Points can be used starting from 1 March 2022 above (see Phase II, paragraph b)).

During Phase I, each Member will be able to view the history of the ITA flights purchased that will entitle the accumulation of Points starting from 28 February 2022 (see Phase II, paragraph a)).


Starting from 28 February 2022, the Member will receive the Volare Code corresponding to their “Volare” account. Using the Volare Code in their reserved area, the Member can: 

  • access their points portfolio; 
  • receive in real time the points accrued as a result of each flight made by the Member and each purchase that gives the right to accumulate points (see Phase II, paragraph a)); 

  • receive the credit of the points accrued for ITA flights carried out from 15 October 2021 to 28 February 2022 (previously only tracked in the Member's personal area). 


a) Accumulation of points  

Each Member will have access to a personal account on which the points to which they are entitled will be accumulated and credited. Points will be credited automatically in each of the circumstances listed below, it being understood that it remains the responsibility of the Member to provide their Volare Code at the time of purchase of the goods/services promoted by ITA: 

  • flights actually purchased and operated by the same subject with ITA. It is understood that flights purchased but not performed (even after cancellation and without prejudice to the application of the policy of ITA regarding the possible recognition of related refunds) do not give the right to accumulate points;  

  • purchase and use of goods and/or services provided by ITA (boutique on board); 

  • purchase of ancillary services available for a fee on ITA flights; 

  • further methods of earning points communicated from time to time by ITA. 

The amount of points accumulated is calculated on the basis of the customer's expense (revenue-based model, 1 euro = 1 Point). The accrual of points by virtue of the purchase of airline tickets may also take place based on the type of purchase made (class, destination, etc.), with the possibility of receiving bonus points in a manner that will be communicated by ITA from time to time. 


b) Use of points 

Starting from 1 March 2022, Members will have the opportunity to use the points accrued according to the criteria indicated in paragraph a) to request the following Awards: 

  • purchase of ITA air tickets; 

  • purchase of ITA ancillary services (lounge, upgrade of class, etc.); 

  • purchase of ITA discount coupons. 

The points will be used through a dedicated section of the site, through the ITA application, as well as in the manner defined and communicated from time to time by ITA. In particular, before concluding each purchase, the interested Member must enter his/her Volare Code and the transaction will take place automatically by deducting an amount equivalent to the price of the good/service purchased from the points balance. In the event that the Member's points balance is not sufficient to cover the full price of the good/service he/she intends to purchase, the price of the good/service will in any case be reduced by the amount of the points used. Upon completion of the transaction involving the use of the accumulated points for the purpose of purchasing goods and/or services offered by ITA, the Member will receive a personal communication confirming the use of the relevant points and updating the available points balance. 

It is understood that the points and/or Awards that will be awarded to Members will not give any right to request their conversion into cash. The Member will not be able to accumulate additional points as a result of the award and use of an Award that was obtained by using the accumulatedpoints, unless otherwise specified and communicated to Members by ITA 

In relation to goods purchased using the points, the legal guarantee of conformity governed by art. 128 and similar of Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code). 



ITA reserves the right to communicate to the Members, and to make the consequent changes to these Regulations pursuant to Article 11 below, the initiatives, further collaborations as well as the list of commercial partners of the current program being defined, which will give Members the right to accumulate and use the points obtained through the purchase of goods and services offered by commercial partners, under the terms and conditions that will be promptly communicated to the Members.                           



The program allows Members to access the four exclusive ITA clubs (as summarized below), divided into four levels which differ by virtue of the services that can be accessed, based on the volume of points that each Member will accumulate under the paragraph b) of Phase II ("EXCLUSIVE CLUBS”).                            

Each Member's access to the Exclusive Clubs will take place at the time the Volare Code is generated during Phase II (see article 5) and will entitle you to the following benefits (some examples are given below): 


Smart Level: 


  • access by registering with the program and accumulating points for each expense related to goods/services offered by ITA; 

  • access by registering with the program and gain access to a wide network of commercial partnerships for the accreditation and use of the points, as communicated from time to time pursuant to the previous article 5; 

  • purchase of ancillary services through points. 


Plus Level: 


  • benefits of the level Smart; 

  • priority waiting list; 

  • free ancillary services; 

  • dedicated customer service; 

  • business check-in. 


Premium Level: 


  • benefits of the level Plus;  

  • access to lounge; 

  • 24/7 dedicated customer service; 

  • priority boarding; 

  • dedicated on board reception 


Executive Level: 


  • benefits of the level Premium; 

  • golf equipment included; 

  • access to lounge + guests; 

  • dedicated assistance 24/7; 

  • food and drink free of charge; 

  • invitations to exclusive events; 

  • dedicated reception. 



The indicative value of the individual Awards can be determined based on the value of the air fares in force at the time of their issue or the value of ITA's services/products or commercial partners at the time of issue of the same. 



The program allows you to accumulate points until the deadline of 15 October 2024. The Awards may be requested by the Member by 15 November 2024, and will be delivered to the entitled party at the same time, with the exception of any Awards that must be delivered to the Member's home (which must be communicated when requesting physical Awards). ITA undertakes to deliver within 90 days of the request. 



Any complaints may be brought to the attention of ITA by sending an email to the address from Italy and for non-Italian Members. 

ITA customer service will provide an answer as soon as possible and, in any case, within 20 days of receiving the complaint. 



ITA reserves the right to modify, even partially and at any time, the modalities of participation in the program, it being understood that such modifications will not affect the rights acquired in the meantime by the Members and that they will be adequately communicated with the same modalities with which the program has been brought to the attention of the Members, or with equivalent methods (for example, by communication via email). 



PEC address:

Telephone: 800 936090.                           

ITA customer service: 800 936090. 



ITA, as data controller, informs Members that the personal data freely provided for the purpose of participating in the program will be treated in accordance with the information available on the following site:                     



For all matters not expressly provided for and regulated in these Regulations, please refer to the applicable laws and regulations, with particular reference to the Legislative Decree 26 October 2001, No. 430 (published in the Official Gazette 13 December 2001, No. 289), as subsequently amended and supplemented.

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Regulation and the mandatory provisions of the aforementioned legislation, the latter must be understood as prevailing over the former. 




The Promoter reserves the right to bring legal action against any Member who, by failing to comply with these Regulations, has engaged in fraud or attempted fraud or who in any case threatens the smooth running of the program. 

These Regulations are subject to Italian law. 

For any dispute relating to this program (and related Regulations) the court of the Member's place of residence will preside.